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No Judgment.

Reduce the side effects of stimulants & transform your relationship to productivity with Recoop.

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For high-focus, low-anxiety days. Take our balance blend before stimulants to improve impulse control, combat irritability, lift mood and boost productivity.

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Balance Ingredients


Relieve Stress - Decrease cortisol, a stress hormone, in the brain.


Stay Focused - Reduce anxiety and improve concentration.


Detox Your Body - Support liver function and improve memory.

Vitamin B

Boost Cognitition - Regulate mood and ensure neurons remain healthy.

Coenzyme Q10

Support Organ Function - Reduce damage caused by free radicals.

Recovery Ingredients

Vitamin C

Cleanse Your Mind - Trigger the natural elimination of stimulants.


Reduce Anxiety -  Melt away your stress and stimulate GABA production.


Restore Circadian Rhythm - Promote natural sleep patterns.


Reduce Tolerance - Reset the body’s neural pathways and reduce tolerance.


Replenish Dopamine - Boosts levels of dopamine in the brain.

A Thoughtful Approach to Peak Performance

Recoop was founded on a simple belief: prescription stimulants should never come with an equal dose of jitters or judgement.

We’re on a mission to eliminate the side effects and the stigma of mental performance medications, reuniting everyday productivity with everyday wellbeing.

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I take Ritalin daily and it works but I get over-stimulated in the morning and then crash hard in the afternoon. Taking Recoop with Ritalin elimanted the crash!”

– Kyle, Wall Street Trader, Age 31

“I've been using Adderall for years but lately it's giving me anxiety and jitters. With the Recoop, I've found the focus I need to work through, while not impacting my emotional state of balance.”

– Jason, Lawyer, Age 29

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