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It works!

Finally I have found a supplement to optimize my ADHD medication!

Love it.

Life changing

This stuff has literally changed my life. I’m a graduate student and have been taking some type of stimulant for years but felt like It was only half working for the longest time. Since starting Recoop, I actually feel good and can finally judge sit down and focus like never before.
The only problem is that I signed up for the subscription and my second bottle hasn’t shipped yet and I’m running out. Still didn’t feel like it was Necessary to take away a star for that because it literally works!

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Excellent Experience

I ended up researching each ingredient prior to purchase, and upon ordering and subsequent use, viola, I finally found something that keeps that hang over feeling the next day away. This and staying hydrated/making sure to eat has eliminated almost all of my hangover symptoms and kept my mind fresh. Placing another order now!

Recoop Supplement Set

This stuff works!

Seriously a life changing product. Get it. You won’t regret.

Also- I never leave reviews, but this product deserves all the reviews!


The sense of clarity is amazing! I forgot how this feels it is wonderful. I’ve been taking adderall for years now - and overtime I’ve noticed I’ve loss my sense of clarity and feeling negative. I feel like myself again!

I felt better on the first day of Recoop!

I have now been on a stimulant medication for over a year. Before Recoop, I was feeling depressed and jittery when I took my Adderall prescription every day. Now, Recoop has made it easier for me to work throughout the day as well as wind down at night! I recommend it to all the people I know that are struggling with the negative side-effects of Adderall and other medications.

Supplement Set One Time Charge

Amazing results

I'm not even through my first months supply and my anxiety is down as well as more restorative sleep. I would 100% recommend this to anyone taking stimulants for adhd. Also helps break down tolerance so your original does works like its supposed to.

Nice addition when taking stimulants

They pretty much do what they say and make taking stimulants much smoother.

Recoop Supplement Set

Recoop Supplement Set

The real deal

You won’t find anything on the market like this. I have felt amazing ever since I started taking Recoop. I sleep like a newborns baby, no longer have crashes and the negative side effects are gone. Well worth the money

The product is fine. Nice grouping of needed vitamins and minerals.

The supplement is beneficial. The inability to see/easily make changes to my subscription is annoying.

Recoop Supplement Set

Good Product

I’ve been taking Provigil for several years. I started Recoop 2 weeks ago, along with the Provigil. So far, I do think it is helping with the slight anxiety I sometimes get during the day while taking Provigil. I am definitely sleeping better after I take the evening formula. I will finish both bottles, and at this point, I am planning to reorder more of both Recoop formulas!!


This stuff keeps me sane and able to accomplish what i need to while on my prescription stimulants. Thank you!

Great product

Works great

Recoop Supplement Set

Great but I wish I could purchase only one of them! Can you help me with this please?

The product works great but I seem to find the balance works better for me. I really would love to only purchase this bottle as I ran out of it and still have plenty of the recovery.

Recoop has helped!

I struggled with falling asleep if I took my last stimulant dose too late, and also with the effectiveness because of my tolerance level being high. Recoop has helped with both problems and I get much more restful sleep at night. I didn’t want to switch stimulants in the middle of nursing school, but then I found recoop and it saved me the trouble. I was also able to cut my dose down because of how much it helped.

Good Product

Great stuff, I hope all the ingredients used are safe to use, cause this has changed my week. I can drink coffee and not feel a bit of jitters or anxiety, just calm, focused energy. My coworkers noticed a huge difference in my performance.


So far so good. I like the product so far. I am encouraged to renew