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The product is fine. Nice grouping of needed vitamins and minerals.

The supplement is beneficial. The inability to see/easily make changes to my subscription is annoying.

Recoop Supplement Set


This stuff keeps me sane and able to accomplish what i need to while on my prescription stimulants. Thank you!

Great product

Works great

Recoop Supplement Set

Great but I wish I could purchase only one of them! Can you help me with this please?

The product works great but I seem to find the balance works better for me. I really would love to only purchase this bottle as I ran out of it and still have plenty of the recovery.

Recoop has helped!

I struggled with falling asleep if I took my last stimulant dose too late, and also with the effectiveness because of my tolerance level being high. Recoop has helped with both problems and I get much more restful sleep at night. I didn’t want to switch stimulants in the middle of nursing school, but then I found recoop and it saved me the trouble. I was also able to cut my dose down because of how much it helped.

Good Product

Great stuff, I hope all the ingredients used are safe to use, cause this has changed my week. I can drink coffee and not feel a bit of jitters or anxiety, just calm, focused energy. My coworkers noticed a huge difference in my performance.


So far so good. I like the product so far. I am encouraged to renew

It actually works!

I have been taking the both the balance and the recovery for a couple weeks now. I noticed a difference immediately when I took the ‘balance’ before taking my medication. It cut down on jitters, anxiety, and brain fog. The ‘recovery’ is also nice. I was more relaxed and falling asleep wasn’t an issue. With the exception of drinking caffeine later in the day on top of already taking my extended adderall. That was a bit more challenging in terms of falling asleep, but that’s not something I do on a regular basis, so I’m not too concerned. I will definitely be reordering! Recoop is a lifesaver, so happy I found out about it.


It is working well. Literally is making a difference he has an adderal addiction. This is helping coming off of it helping with his focus it's really working good for him. The only problem it takes too long to get here


Since I’ve taken the product straight without missing any dosage I’ve noticed some changes in my body giving flow, controlled balance plus exercising with enduring strength like my stimulation last longer or my body is able to keep up with the pacing flow.


Cannot believe how awesome this product was. I have always had pretty harsh crashed in the evening after taking vyvanse, not able to do anything really and feeling completely depleted and without any drive. I recently started to have more severe anxiety and a lot of trouble sleeping as a result. I started therapy, which was awesome in many other ways, but was still dealing with these ADHD symptoms. I found recoop and thought it was worth a shot. CANNOT BELIEVE HOW AMAZING IT IS. My moods feel ten times more stable, with all the amazing benefits of stimulants I need included!!!! Highly recommend if you can afford to, just give it a shot. It changed my life, let it change yours.

Like the AM supplement but not PM

The morning supplement seems to help, the evening one makes me very groggy the next day. I think it has too much Melatonin in it for me. If melatonin works well for you in higher doses then you might like it. I wish I could just buy one and not both kinds and also wish it was not a subscription as I do not take stimulants every day.

Magical Stuff!

These supplements have made me feel and sleep so much better! I highly recommend it.

I was skeptical...

But I actually have noticed a difference! In particular, I feel much calmer and less revved up during the day. I've found it easier to wind down in the evenings as well.


This product helps but the night time one flushes you so have to get up several times in the night. However, I think it helps in resetting your system.


I’m off stimulants completely and have never felt better. I have energy and focus during the day. I sleep great at night and feel excited to start the next day. It’s pricey though- more than my adderal prescription and I don’t have insurance 😕

Good stuffs!

I really do feel the effects of this supplement. I love that there is so much benefit to both the day and nighttime version. My research has led me to most of what’s inside the daytime dose in terms of off setting anxiety. But, I love the science behind the evening dose even more as winding down/ crashing caused more discomfort and anxiety, leading to poor sleep and feeling the need to increase my stimulant dose. Thank you!!! Would love it if maybe 5 htp or something to address serotonin was added.

No more crash!

When I ordered this I really wasn’t sure if it would help me. I researched all of the ingredients and decided to give it a chance. I’m so glad I did! After only two weeks I don’t feel that crash at the end of my work day when I take adderall. I definitely plan on continuing to take it with my prescription. I showed my doctor and she even thought it was great to take along with my medication. I can’t wait to see how it helps me in the future. Thank you Recoop!!


Only been taking it for a week. I do feel my hands shake less and my goal is to take it a few months then see if my liver enzymes lower.

Life Saver - these are not paid reviews like I first thought, this product is really that remarkable

Improved my outlook on life. Has been life saving so far. I thought I simply had to bear the depression and discomfort that medications brought in order to function and this has caused me so much pain. This product is remarkable and is an absolute MUST have for anyone prescribed to stimulants in order to preserve your sense of well-being. I only wished that more capules were in each jar.

never felt better!

Good product so far

Works so far! Happy with the results, still waiting to realize the full effect. I will certainly want to see the price of this product come down too eventually ...


I’m feeling much better already. Just under a month of using this product and I’m feeling less agitated and my hands aren’t shaky anymore which I just had accepted as part of my life with ADHD. Can’t wait to see the full effects over the next six months. I’m so happy to have found this product