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Recoop Wellness Set - V2
Shannon Ramirez
Works wonders!

I only take the night time recoop, only because the daytime would make me a little sleepy. But the night time works wonders! It helps me fall asleep with ease, no need for anything else to help me get to sleep soundly. Recoop night has completely changed the way I feel in the mornings. I wake up earlier AND naturally all with energy having had a good nights sleep. It’s really a great product and it’s all vitamins which gives peace of mind after taking pharmaceuticals during the day. Customer service has always been very helpful & kind too.

Solid Product

Both of these products definitely do a good job with smoothing out the side effects of stimulants. Takes the edge off in the mornings as well as helping with oral fixations, and definitely improves sleep in the evenings. My only critique that is not really a critique but something to be aware of is that recover contains a 3mg dose of melatonin which may be strong for some sensitive to it.

Recoop Wellness Set - V2

Noticeable Benefits w/ Minor Drawbacks

I've been diagnosed w/ ADHD for a few years now and I'm currently taking a 10mg XR Adderall every morning. I started taking balance with my meds in the morning and recovery before bed at night. I noticed that I'm definitely calmer and feel less of the comedown in the afternoon. So for their advertised purpose, they're GREAT. My only complaint is the size of the pills. I've been taking various pills (medicine, vitamins) since I was a kid, but these are like horse pills. Sometimes I literally choke trying to get them down which isn't the most fun thing I've had to deal with. That being said, as of right now I think the benefits outweigh the downsides so I'm going to keep taking them. (Make me an ambassador and shrink the pills and I'll get so many people to buy them lol)

Recoop Wellness Set - V2
Danielle DeLucco

Recoop Wellness Set - V2

Recoop Wellness Set - V2
Mallory Russell

Recoop Wellness Set - V2

Works as Advertised

Definitely feeling less edge and more calm. The Recovery product has improved my sleep quality for sure. I felt the impact fairly quickly, within one or two days. Helpful tip: set an alarm on your phone to remind you to take each product at the same time each day.

Recoop Wellness Set - V2
Kelley McCormack

Recoop Wellness Set - V2

Recoop Wellness Set - V2

Recoop Wellness Set - V2
David Elliot Rothblatt

Recoup is fine product.

Recoop Wellness Set - V2
Vanessa Fernandez

Recoop Wellness Set - V2

part of my routine

I am happy with the product. I am always shocked that another 28 days has passed when it arrives in my mailbox.

Recoop Wellness Set - V2
Daytime was great, night time.... not so much

They day time supplement really took that edge off. I was really impressed. That night time supplement did nothing to improve my sleep quality and actually gave me restless legs. That being said everyone is different and it may work well for you.


I love the after stimulant vitamin. It is great for a relaxing sleep. I wish you could purchase individually.

Works well but very pricey

These supplements are so easy, since they contain so many different ingredients in one little pill. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I think they are too pricey, and there is no option to buy ONLY the day or night separately. I dont use the night one because melatonin makes me very groggy, so I am basically wasting money. I wish this would change.

First month

I am just ending my first month of taking the recoop wellness set and I am pleasantly surprised. I do not know how they made a supplement to ease the side effects of stimulants and at the same time enhance the positive effects of the stimulants but they did!! When I was buying it I thought it was a little expensive but manageable especially if it ended up doing what it said it was going to do, which it did so I would say it's totally worth the money if you're looking to improve yourself and your wellbeing.
Thank you Recoop!!

Recoop Wellness Set - V2
Kevin Jordan Jordan
Makes a difference

I have been taking these fir a few months now and noticed a difference with both. Specifically, more restful sleep

Recoop Wellness Set - V2


Noticed a difference. Feeling is smooth as opposed to cracked out. Love it.

Recoop Wellness Set - V2
thomas mcdowell
Skeptical at first

As I said I was hesitant but after several weeks This has been a game changer as I also have anxiety which can be exacerbated by stimulants

Recoop Wellness Set (live on site)

Recoop Wellness Set - V2
Elijah Walker II


Recoop Wellness Set (live on site)


I've been taking just one (rather than two, as recommended) of the Balance capsules in the mornings with my medicine, and I have noticed the helpful benefits - my skin looks much better, I'm not as jittery and don't become overwhelmed as easily, and I don't feel the crash afterward as harshly. I took one of the Recovery capsules one time, and it mostly just made me very sleepy (though I am chronically behind on sleep, of course). I was hoping it would expedite but also help ease the transition off the stimulant effect, so I could just feel how I do on days I don't take my medicine at all - like my normal self. I'm not sure if such a thing is possible, without the sleepiness / grogginess, but that would be nice. Also, I wish I could order just the Balance capsules by themselves, and less often since I am only taking one each day (for now at least).