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I’m feeling much better already. Just under a month of using this product and I’m feeling less agitated and my hands aren’t shaky anymore which I just had accepted as part of my life with ADHD. Can’t wait to see the full effects over the next six months. I’m so happy to have found this product

Reduced my dose to 30mgs!

I've been on adderall for three years now. I couldn't function without it and at one point I was taking 60mgs/day. I've been on Recoop for almost two months and it feels amazing! I can sleep and I'm finally getting the important shit done! Best part is, I need less adderall to function and the side effects are basically gone.

My girlfriend is happy

My girlfriend used to complain that I was super impulsive and unpredictable whenever I would take Ritalin to focus at work. I'm an engineer and my company is really competitive, so I'd take it to help me do well. I couldn't just "turn it off" though when I got home. I started taking Recoop when my girlfriend sent it to me and she was right. I feel so much calmer and I can still focus really well at work. And no more complaints from my gf so good all around.

Still in process

I'm about a month and a half in so far. I feel good but I want to feel great and completely calm. The jury is still out.


The product definitely provides a considerable cognitive boost. It also seems to side-step any tolerance one might have to caffeine. it's also cool that I can take it at night to keep my sleep where it needs to be. Two thumbs up from a worn out second-year law student with a caffeine tolerance.

Enjoy the peace

There is certainly a marked difference in my level of happiness before and after taking my vitamins in the morning with coffee. I would say, though, that the effect wears off by around 4 pm, so sometimes I take more as I drink coffeed until 8 PM. The price of the product makes doing this everyday a little expensive. I am still using 4 pills a day despite the price, since I feel it is worth what it has to offer for my needs.

Finally this exists!

Best and only real recovery solution on the market I have found for focus drugs. I can take aderall in the morning and actually sleep at night too

Game Changer!

Personally, I think the merit of Recoop goes far beyond the VERY noticeable physical enhancements it provides. It opens the mainstream market to this profound new idea that you dont have to be unhealthy to benefit from stimulants like aderall. Humans are pretty great as is, but we can be even better. If you knew it would work, then why wouldnt you? Well, this definitely works. So I say give it a try.

Seems to work

I am seeking to get a coding school certificate and taking a bootcamp course that requires hours of computer programming. It's intense. After taking this supplement with modafinnil for a couple of days I seemed to be more focused and energized and have been better motivated to stay up till midnight to get things done.

Helps sleep

I used to be so embarassed to tell anyone my doctor diagnosed me with ADHD and that I took Aderall... Until I got to college and realized everyone, whether they were diagnosed or note, was taking it too! My friends and I would all complain that it was pretty hard to sleep but we also have a lot of stress so didn't think it was just because of aderall. My sleep is so much better since taking Recoop that I'm convinced now it was because of the Aderall and I'm telling all my friends the same thing. We all take it now and love it!

No more weird dreams

I used to get really weird dreams whenever I took modafinnil and I'd wake up feeling not good. Now I take the night pills and I actually sleep really well without the intense dreams.

Love these

I have felt calm, clear and happy and less anxious, taking these supplements. I love that they are a combination of everything I want and when I recently had my performance review at work, I got the best feedback from my boss ever. I used to get irritable and my colleagues would say so. I definitely recommend these supplements if you're a big coffee drinker like I am

Great product

Feel great on the regimen! The capsules are a bit big but still easy to take with water each day

Finally some relief!

I've been on adderall for almost four years now. Take it about 5 days/week. In the beginning it was amazing but now it makes me feel like a zombie. I tried cutting stopping a few times but that was even worse so I figured I'd just have to live with the brain fog. I've been on Recoop for two months and I feel like myself again. The best pat is that I fall asleep when I want and don't feel groggy in the morning. Thanks!

Love it!

2nd month and I love this product. Also like the way it helps me relax to sleep at night. Finalyy!

Recoop Wellness System

This is my second month and I want to promise to the whole world how not to let a second more pass by on these products. I feel IN CONTROL for once!!!!!!

Hate to admit it...

I firmly believe in this product. I have been taking it for 3+ months now and I can honestly see a change in my day if I happen to forget to take it in the morning. Thank you for creating such a great product.

Helped me get OFF aderall

So I know this product is for taking aderall or drinking coffee at the same time but it actually helped me stop taking aderall that I was taking nearly every day at the end of law school. I didn't want to start work at my firm being so dependent and these pills helped the withdrawal symptoms alot to make it easier

Better sleep and loving it

I sleep 10 times better than I ever did before I started daying the night formula pills. Thanks Recoop team for making such an awesome product!

Better overall health and focus!


Perfect product for a PhD Student

I am both a PhD Student and hold a Masters in Psychology from a major university. I expect a lot from my mind and would never intentionally put anything into it that might adversely affect its performance. As a scientist, I only take supplements and nutritional products based on sound research. Recoop's Wellness System is ideal for me! I have used both of company's products for a month now. The Day Formula helps me stay sharp and focused while writing my thesis. I have definitely noticed a boost in my sense of calm. Recoop's Night Formula gives me the vitamins and minerals my body needs to sleep optimally. I particularly appreciate ingredients such as Ashwaganda, which has been proven in many clinical studies to reduce cortisol or a stress hormone. I do not know of any other complete vitamin products that this blend of ingredients.

Easier to come down

I always would get kind of down after 8 or 9 hours on aderall but not anymore. It's like a really smooth come down now and not so noticeable.

Love the products

After doin an indepth study on the advantages of stimulants in mental performance, I choose your products to try. I did not notice much difference in the beginning until I stop using them for a while. I then notice a drop in my calm and mental stability. It takes a while for the difference to manifest but, as a person new to working at a job with lots of competition and still learning, I now embrace Recoop for the physical feeling I had before taking aderall and took for granted that I would always have. I love the products and thanks to you all for bringing them to the people! Yours in Service Edwin Steingall

Take it every day!

I take Recoop on the days that I take Aderall to study. I like it so much that I also take it now on the days when I just drink coffee, aka every day. It makes a big difference to my stomach especially

Absolutely Love These Products

I tell everyone about these products. Whether on line or in person. I cannot stop talking about this product. You'll notice a difference within an hour, at least I did. I feel strong, calm, focused, GREAT. I do not crash after ritalin and I don't just get that jittery tired energy instead. I'm talking jedi knight focus and I have diagnosed ADHD. I have taken ritalin since high school. I have tried and tried for years to find this balance that recoop has given me. Thank you recoop for giving me back my health.