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First month

I am just ending my first month of taking the recoop wellness set and I am pleasantly surprised. I do not know how they made a supplement to ease the side effects of stimulants and at the same time enhance the positive effects of the stimulants but they did!! When I was buying it I thought it was a little expensive but manageable especially if it ended up doing what it said it was going to do, which it did so I would say it's totally worth the money if you're looking to improve yourself and your wellbeing.
Thank you Recoop!!

Makes a difference

I have been taking these fir a few months now and noticed a difference with both. Specifically, more restful sleep


Noticed a difference. Feeling is smooth as opposed to cracked out. Love it.

Skeptical at first

As I said I was hesitant but after several weeks This has been a game changer as I also have anxiety which can be exacerbated by stimulants

Recoop Wellness Set (live on site)

Recoop Wellness Set (live on site)


I've been taking just one (rather than two, as recommended) of the Balance capsules in the mornings with my medicine, and I have noticed the helpful benefits - my skin looks much better, I'm not as jittery and don't become overwhelmed as easily, and I don't feel the crash afterward as harshly. I took one of the Recovery capsules one time, and it mostly just made me very sleepy (though I am chronically behind on sleep, of course). I was hoping it would expedite but also help ease the transition off the stimulant effect, so I could just feel how I do on days I don't take my medicine at all - like my normal self. I'm not sure if such a thing is possible, without the sleepiness / grogginess, but that would be nice. Also, I wish I could order just the Balance capsules by themselves, and less often since I am only taking one each day (for now at least).


When you see companies advertising their latest product, you think 'Yeah sure it does." But with recoup, it changed my life! Everything they claimed it would do It DID! And more! If you're suffering from side effects, this is the genuine deal! It will completely change how you feel about having to take your morning meds! Calm,focused, and ready to go! And as for nite time,best deep sleep in years! Thank You Recoop team! Don't ever stop making these wonderful products!


The formula works extremely well!

Helping hand

I believe this product is helping me as I use it more continuously. Thank you!

Psychiatric nurse- this is an essential supplement

I am currently a nurse and psychiatric nurse practitioner student and I highly recommend Recoop to many of my patients who I know are on stimulants as well. I am also a supplement and nutrition “nerd” and I think your product is excellent- exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!!

Recoop Wellness Set


Recoop Wellness Set

So far so good

Only complaint is that because shipping in the US is still lagging, I run out of Recoop before I receive the new batch
0otherwise great product so far

Recoop Wellness Set


I haven’t taken vitamins in years but I love Recoop. They make it easy with different colored bottles- dark for pm and light for am, and auto refills. I take them and forget about them. My sleep has improved a hundred fold and I’m calmer throughout the day.

Recoop Wellness Set

Recoop Wellness Set

Feel balanced

It helps me feel more balanced and I can get adequate sleep at night.

Great concept, feel the effect

price is my only issue. $80 is a big monthly bill.
Love how i feel when i wake up. The only ingredient i think is missing is a choline.

Really Likin' Balance, but Not Yet Likin' Recovery Too Much . .

The Recoop Balance product seems useful, but the Recoop Recovery product's melatonin content I am not too sure about . . maybe it's a bit on the high end, as far as amount.

I notice a difference