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The People Behind
The perfect blend.

Our Mission

Recoop is on a mission to create a superior supplement experience that combines the best ingredient research & sourcing – while powering an all-natural approach to health & productivity.

Our Values

We believe powerful people – not just patients – can reclaim their health & enhance their cognition for a better life. We’re committed to building wellness systems that don’t wait for you to need them.

Our Standards

Recoop is manufactured in the USA in a cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility. All our products are made from ingredients that the FDA certifies are safe, while our supplier routinely tests the ingredients for consistent quality in production.

Our Stories

Anastasia Alt
Recoop Co-Founder

Anastasia’s true passion is accessing and maintaining peak performance, which she struggled to do while taking stimulants at work in her corporate jobs at J.P. Morgan and McKinsey. Recoop is the edge she always wished to maintain. Now, she can.


Karalyn Zamora
Recoop Co-Founder

Karalyn gets her energy for life from a great night of sleep. She worked to sell hundreds of thousands of Gravity Blankets so people could rest easy knowing physical health is critical to mental wellbeing. Her mission at Recoop is to help others do the same.


Neuroscientist On Recoop

“At Recoop, we combine the best in scientific research with careful sourcing to create a line of cutting-edge supplements designed to support your modern lifestyle. This mission starts by leveraging our understanding of human biology to create specific formulations that target aspects of our health and performance which often need support. Science-based formulations are then combined with natural sourcing methods that prioritize purity and maximize bioavailability, leaving you feeling good about what you put in your body.

Supporting your cognitive and physical well-being has never been more important, and Recoop makes it easier than ever to do just that.”

- Dr. Elias Boroda, Ph.D. Neuroscience