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Stimulants put your body and mind under stress and have many short and long term side effects.This is caused by artificially increasing dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain.

Side Effects



Compulsive behavior

Impulsive decisions


Brain Fog


Stomach distress



Break the stimulant cycle.

Stimulants work amazing at first but over time our system builds a tolerance and we need more to get the same effect. While the benefits stay the same the side effects are amplified. Recoop is designed to break the cycle and so you no longer have to choose between being productive or being healthy.

This breakthrough, clinically-researched, twice-a-day supplement is designed to replenish your body with everything that stimulants are known to strip away.


Restorative Sleep

Peace Of mind

Impulsive Control


Mental Clarity

Optimistic Outlook



Day Ingredients


300 mg


300 mg

Coenzyme Q10

400 mg


300 mg

Vitamin B6

90 mg

Night Ingredients

Vitamin C

300 mg


200 mg


3 mg


350 mg


90 mg

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